“Cahan Pen” LLC

“Cahan Pen” LLC which is included into “Cahan Holding” group of companies deals with the production of plastic (PVC) profiles and pipes. High quality profiles and pipes meeting the requirements of the international standards are produced here and exported to Russia, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries. The specific weight of products of “Cahan Pen” LLC in portion of local profiles and pipes sold in domestic market is about 50%.
Sidings intended for different sizes and functions, comprising of nine assortments are produced for building facades in the sphere of siding production. Besides this sphere of the enterprise is one of the first new production spheres established in our autonomous republic and also the first production sphere in our country.

All conditions were provided to produce high quality products in the enterprise equipped with the modern technological appliances manufactured by the German companies “Duramax”, ”Henkel”, Turkish companies “Sarem makina”, ”Özge makina” and production process was automatized. It should be mentioned that our products were tested in the laboratories of Technical Universities of Moscow and Istanbul and were awarded quality mark which indicates the correspondence to the high quality standards. The company has production and sales points in Nakhchivan and sales points in Baku. Our company is in close cooperation with a number of leading companies.

“Petkim”, “Akdeniz Kimya” companies of Turkey and “Kronos” company of Germany are our regular partners.

“Cahan Pen” sales department belongs to “Cahan Holding” Union of Commercial Companies. Its main activity sphere is the disposal of the products manufactured in “Cahan Pen” plastic plant. The sales department deals with the disposal of 66 sorts of products (white and coloured plastic door-window profiles, sidings for building facades, composite pipes with and without foil, wastewater pipes, cornice and panelling, soft and hard hoses) manufactured in “Cahan Pen” plastic plant and 51 sort of plastic door and window profile accessories in the existing storehouse.
Head: Rza Novruzlu
Phone: (+99450) 295 24 55
Address: Aziz Aliyev str. 10, Nakhchivan AZ7000 / Azerbaijan
Web Address: http://www.cahanpen.com